You guys. I did something.

Mar 8, 2017

There’s this scene in It’s Always Sunny where Charlie (for the uninitiated: goofy, unpredictable, running joke that he probably can’t read) has accidentally kidnapped a man and stuffed him into the trunk of his car (long story). And the way he announces this to his friends is by barreling through the front door of their bar and screaming:


Which is amazing. Like, how do you announce you’ve done something completely insane? Something you know you can’t take back? You could whisper it to a few key people and wait for word to get around, or resolve it first and tell the story later, but it’s almost better to own it. Yell it. Burst through the door, interrupt the conversation and shout: You guys. I. Did. Something.

In case you’re worried, no, I haven’t kidnapped anyone. But I did do something a little impulsive and a lot unexpected. Something that might have you questioning my IQ.

So here goes…

About two weeks ago, I quit my job. My real, state-benefits, blazer-required job where I had an ID card and vision benefits. And I did it so I could start my own portrait photography business.

Sure, I’ve been “in business” for a while now, on weekends, evenings, whenever I could keep my eyes open and find some room in my schedule. But it’s real now. It’s not a hobby. And that means it will hurt a lot more if I fail.

But here’s my Theres-A-Dude-In-The-Trunk Charlie announcement: I did it without a fallback plan. My client list is still growing. It doesn’t pay the bills. So guess what? I work at the Olive Garden now. I serve breadsticks! Like a zillion of them every day! It rocks!

Know why? Because there’s no cubicle and I get to go home while the sun’s still up and take portraits. Every day I give myself a new opportunity to say to someone: YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL and your energy is palpable and let’s take the most amazing picture of you that you’ve ever seen so you can fall in love with yourself.

All I ever got to tell people from my cubicle was “Nice tie.”

So anyway, hey guys… I did something. And if you want to help me get the metaphorical guy out of my trunk, keep me in mind the next time you need portraits. I can’t wait to tell you how beautiful you are.



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