Hi. I'm Rebecca. Welcome to my world. 

I'm an internationally exhibited photographer with eight years' experience delighting clients. 

In my time as a portrait photographer, I've sat with CEO's, educators, actors, musicians, and entrepreneurs. I've helped people learn to let their confidence, intensity, and individuality shine. I've visited people's homes, their favorite forests, their most beloved cities and parks and even coffee shops. 

Most importantly, I've helped hundreds of professionals craft an image that matches the energy, passion, and value they bring to their fields.

I'm proudest when my clients tell me they feel confident and that they love their photos so much, they can't choose which one to put on LinkedIn.

I especially love working with individuals who don't always feel seen. I'm enthusiastically LGBTQ+ friendly and body-positive. My greatest talents are relaxed, natural posing and world-class pep talks.

Your Image Matters.

Whether you're job hunting or leading a successful team, professional headshot photography is an investment. It builds trust with clients, makes a great first impression, and supports your brand. 

Rebecca Gatto Photography makes it easy to get great headshots, whether for yourself or your entire team.

Here's what's included:
  • Professional styling & wardrobe consulting
  • On-site professional photos at your location
  • Magazine-quality retouching
  • Easy, high resolution downloads
  • Free makeup day for large groups