Joe and Juli’s laughter-filled autumn wedding at Burkestone Estate

Jul 8, 2020

It was a balmy summer night in 2008 when Joe and Juli were introduced by Joe’s sister at a party. They hit it off, but didn’t stay in touch. When what they describe as a magnetic force pulled J & J back together a few years later, they clicked once again.

On Joe and Juli’s sixth year attending the NY Renaissance Faire together, after procuring yet another flower crown and joining the bar crawl, Joe brought Juli to the infamous kissing bridge and surprised her by getting down on one knee. Today, they share a love for beer, their pet mini-pig, and each other.

When it came time for the pair to plan their wedding, Joe and Juli fell in love with the rustic charm at Burkestone Estate. Joe, a professional cinematographer, recognized the venue’s picturesque potential right away. The pair knew their laid-back attitudes would mesh perfectly with the lush foliage, abundant string lights, and warm autumn sunshine. Their romantic Renaissance Faire proposal influenced Juli’s bridal ensemble, especially her handmade flower crown.

As we planned how we’d tell the story of their day, Joe and Juli pictured themselves looking back on photos of laughter, dancing, and of course, a dramatic sparkler exit. They added one-of-a-kind details, including the keg of wedding beer Joe tapped during their ceremony and the beloved vintage camera he used to take his own photos of Juli.

The joy that shines through in their final wedding album is as genuine—and contagious—as it looks.




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