51 things you can only do with a printed photograph

Apr 25, 2017

  1. Frame it and hang it on the wall
  2. Give it as a last-minute gift
  3. Use it as a bookmark to make yourself smile
  4. Stick it up on the fridge
  5. Thumbtack it up at your desk
  6. Write a note on the back and snail-mail it to your best friend
  7. Put it under your pillow so you have sweet dreams
  8. Hug it while you cry
  9. Hug it while you laugh
  10. Smell it
  11. Kiss it
  12. Get fingerprints on the glossy paper
  13. Make a collage on your wall
  14. Become inspired and get into scrapbooking
  15. Start a family album
  16. Put it in a locket
  17. Hang it on an adorable mini clothesline
  18. Use it to remind you what matters most
  19. Or to remember where you started
  20. Look at it, even if the power’s been out for a week
  21. Rescue it from a burning building
  22. Tuck it inside a care package
  23. Slip it into a homemade lunch
  24. Keep a stack on the coffee table
  25. Scatter several around a family gathering
  26. Display it at a wedding
  27. Display it at a funeral
  28. Be buried with it
  29. Centuries later, be discovered by archaeologists, who see all your photographs and assume you were royalty
  30. Tuck it into the visor in your car
  31. Tie it to a balloon and let it go
  32. Bury it in a time capsule
  33. Roll it up inside a bottle and throw it into the sea
  34. Change your mind and swim out after it
  35. Meet a mermaid and give her the photo to keep in her collection of human stuff
  36. Lose it in a drawer, then find it years later
  37. Tear it into confetti
  38. Let the wind take the pieces away
  39. Light it on fire
  40. Put it in the paper shredder
  41. Run it over with your car
  42. Float it away on a paper lantern
  43. Fold it into origami
  44. Cut it up like a puzzle, then put it back together
  45. Take it to war with you
  46. Write a phone number on the back
  47. Autograph it and sell it for $10 million when you’re famous
  48. Cut it into a heart shape and give it as a valentine
  49. Tuck it inside an anniversary card 25 years from today
  50. Take it to show-and-tell
  51. Stash it in a shoebox for your grandkids to find someday


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