The Value of a Portrait: How I developed my prices


What do you value most?

Seriously, think about it for a moment. Really consider it. While you do that, I’ll tell you about mine.

I live with two priorities: the people I love and the time I have on this earth. And since our actions every hour and every day become the patterns that define our lives, I strive to conduct my business in line with those priorities, not just my personal life.

Rebecca Gatto doing her amazing new jobEnjoying your portraits, without any pressure

When you stand in front of my camera, whether you’re by yourself or with your significant other or even your entire extended family, I want you to enjoy yourself completely. You should feel relaxed and happy. It makes for genuine smiles and wonderful memories.

But for that to happen, you can’t worry about the end result. That’s my job. So I never charge portrait clients until after their images are created. You decide the value of what we created together by purchasing only the images that you adore. That way, there’s no risk—just a fun day filled with laughter, snacks and good music. You know, the kind of day you’d actually want to remember.
If I remind one person of how important their friends and family members are, and encourage them to spend quality time together, I’ve succeeded. And then I preserve that experience in the form of a photograph. I hope that when you hang it on your wall, it will serve as a reminder to create joy, put your loved ones first, and live with purpose.

Choosing your images

After our portrait session, there is one more step. We’ll meet for a reveal—a meeting where you get to see your images for the first time. You’ll decide which images have value for you.

I structure my pricing this way because I want it to be a fair and transparent transaction that makes you feel joyful, not pressured.

The bottom line

During your portrait session in my studio, you’re there to enjoy the experience of being photographed. That’s all.

When beautiful art comes out of that experience, then—and only then—does it make sense for me to accept any payment. Because then, I’ve created something of value.

I believe you’ll leave with an heirloom, a priceless new piece of your history or your family’s. But if you don’t, that’s okay. I offer the experience of being photographed freely and without expectation, so that we can discover something beautiful together.

 Read about my pricing here.