In front of the lens & out of my comfort zone

A couple of weeks ago, I connected with a talented local photographer named Laura (of Laura Marie Photography, admire here). She has a dog; I have a dog. She takes photos; I take photos. She likes to be outside; I like to be outside. Boom. We were friends.

giphyHere’s the thing about being friends with a photographer: we’ll often ask you to let us take your picture. It’s just what we do! We really can’t help it. Of course, usually I’m the photographer in this situation, not the person being asked to model. I prefer it that way. I’m kinda awkward, and I hate washing my hair.

But Laura turned the tables on me. She had a waterfall in mind that she wanted to visit, and she was hoping we could trade photos—meaning we’d both spend some time on what feels like the wrong side of the lens. Yikes.

I thought about it and decided I was interested in getting a taste of what my clients experience when I photograph them, so I agreed. (Not to mention I wanted to photograph Laura, she’s lovely!) And I was surprised to learn…

It was actually fun!

Obviously, I should know that having your photograph taken is a fabulous experience. I mean, I promise my clients it will be fun, and I believe it—for them. But I still wondered whether I’d be too uncomfortable to enjoy myself.


Obviously that turned out not to be an issue, as you can see from this picture of me living my best life as some kind of woodland goddess. (It doesn’t hurt that Erin Erlich Floral Designs made us two flower crowns to play with, Val at Pinup Jordan’s Mermaid Lounge had just lightened my hair the day before, and my bff Celina over at Trends and Tolstoy picked out the dress. Styling is everything!)

The other thing that surprised me was how excited I was waiting for my photos. I mean, I process photos constantly—editing, cataloguing, sharing and collecting them for at least a little while every day. It’s kind of my thing, ya know? So I figured I’d feel kind of nonchalant about the whole thing, but no. I was REALLY anxious to see them. Photoshoots really have three parts: planning, shooting and then the big reveal. And I was SO excited for that reveal.

Laura didn’t disappoint—the images she sent were gorgeous. The whole experience left me hoping that I offer half as much joy and self-love to my clients as she gave to me. And, not for nothing, with my wedding coming up, seeing some photos of myself that I actually liked really calmed my nerves. That extra bit of confidence is going to make a big difference when I walk down the aisle.

Here are a few more shots by Laura:




And finally, some I took of her:






Anyway, if you’re nervous about your pictures, just know that I get it! And also that I’ve gotten through it—and if I can, so can you.


Xo, Rebecca