A couple of weeks ago, I connected with a talented local photographer named Laura (of Laura Marie Photography, admire here). She has a dog; I have a dog. She takes photos; I take photos. She likes to be outside; I like to be outside. Boom. We were friends. Here’s the thing about being friends with […]

When you hear someone mention a senior portrait, what do you imagine? Do you see the Pinterest version, a blonde, perfectly made-up teen looking over her shoulder dreamily while strolling along abandoned railroad tracks? Or perhaps you picture a tiny image, lost among rows of other stiff-looking smiles on page 172 of your high school […]

Portraits are all about authenticity, and about letting your inner self shine. So it’s natural to wonder whether styling by picking out special outfits and having professional hair and makeup applied might go against that. Luckily, we don’t have to give up any of those wonderful things to craft a shoot that’s as authentic as […]

When was the last time you had your portrait taken? For a lot of people, it was grade school on picture day: a cookie-cutter experience that involved a lot of sweating and waiting in line. (At least you got a free plastic comb out of the deal.) Or maybe it was a family portrait at […]