Everyone knows it’s important to consider how you will document your wedding memories. Whether you’re hiring a professional or just asking guests to use your wedding hashtag, chances are you’ve given your wedding photos more than a little thought. But what about your honeymoon photos? They’re just as important as your wedding photos. Whether you’re […]

These days, nearly every wedding photographer offers engagement photos. These ubiquitous pre-wedding couple’s portraits are great for so many reasons: they provide imagery for your save-the-dates and wedding website, give your a trial run with your photographer, and help you remember what it felt like right after you got engaged. Despite all these benefits, one […]

The ‘first look’ has become a staple of wedding albums in the last few years. Ask yourself these questions to decide whether you should plan one, too.

Frame it and hang it on the wall Give it as a last-minute gift Use it as a bookmark to make yourself smile Stick it up on the fridge Thumbtack it up at your desk Write a note on the back and snail-mail it to your best friend Put it under your pillow so you […]

Portraits are all about authenticity, and about letting your inner self shine. So it’s natural to wonder whether styling by picking out special outfits and having professional hair and makeup applied might go against that. Luckily, we don’t have to give up any of those wonderful things to craft a shoot that’s as authentic as […]

There’s this scene in It’s Always Sunny where Charlie (for the uninitiated: goofy, unpredictable, running joke that he probably can’t read) has accidentally kidnapped a man and stuffed him into the trunk of his car (long story). And the way he announces this to his friends is by barreling through the front door of their bar […]

When was the last time you had your portrait taken? For a lot of people, it was grade school on picture day: a cookie-cutter experience that involved a lot of sweating and waiting in line. (At least you got a free plastic comb out of the deal.) Or maybe it was a family portrait at […]

Do you ever meet someone and just instantly want to be friends with them? That’s how I felt about Emily and Zac. They are a fun-loving pair with the cutest son, who features prominently in their photos because I’m in love with his adorable little face. If their wedding is any indication, I think they’re in […]